Pas d’histoires

Olivier Zabat, Ne me touche pas, 2008, image courtesy of the artist

Sunday 13 April 2008
6pm, doors 5.30pm, £3

Pas d’histoires brings together a selection of films by French or Paris-based film‑makers and artists of different generations working with documentary. Challenging the stereotypical form of documentary films, these artists’ critical vision is played out through the observation of existing communities or through more direct interventions into current international political issues.

The screening is preceded by Documenting Politics, a paper by Pablo Lafuente on the political positions, implications and possibilities of documentary film practice on the basis of Jacques Rancière’s aesthetic and political theory, paying particular attention to the context of May’68.

Jean Rouch, Les Veuves de 15 ans, 1966, 24 min
Clarisse Hahn, Boyzone, 2008, 10 min
Olivier Zabat, Ne me touche pas, 2008, 11 min
Jean-Charles Hue,Y a plus d’os, 2007, 5 min
Florence Lazar, Otpor, 2001, 15 min
Noëlle Pujol, Twins, 2002, 4 min
Jean-Luc Godard et Anne-Marie Miéville, France/Tour/Détour/Deux/Enfants Désordre/Calcul, 1979, 26 min
Joël Bartoloméo, La Tarte au Citron, 1994, 4 min
Thomas Hirschhorn, Les Monstres, 1993, 6 min
Philippe Parreno, No More Reality II, 1991, 4 min

Clarisse Hahn, Florence Lazar, Noëlle Pujol, Olivier Zabat and Anne-Sophie Dinant, SLG Associate Curator, will join Pablo Lafuente in a discussion following the screening.

Pablo Lafuente is Managing Editor of Afterall and a writer on contemporary art.

South London Gallery
65 Peckham Road