Emily Richardson au Cinéma du Réel.

Projections de Memo Mori (2009), dernier film de l'artiste anglaise Emily Richardson, dont le commentaire est assuré par l'écrivain Iain Sinclair (auteur, entre autres, de Hackney, That Red-Rose Empire et de London Orbital).

"Memo mori is a journey through Hackney tracing loss and disappearance. A canoe trip along the canal, the huts of the Manor Garden allotments in Hackney Wick, demolition, relocation, a magical bus tour through the Olympic park and a Hell’s Angel funeral mark a seismic shift in the topography of East London. This film has been put together from fragments of footage shot over the last 3 years in Hackney, each section being an event or observation of something that has been or is about to be erased from the landscape. It has been woven together with Iain Sinclair’s commentary and readings from his book, Hackney, That Red Rose Empire. The film begins with a canoe trip down the canal, taken with Stephen Gill into the ‘Olympic zone’, where we discovered a shipwreck and a pair of kingfishers before the security barriers came down to the water line. We arrive at the Manor Garden allotments where the huts, each unique, it’s own character, a manifestation of their owners personality perhaps, sadly about to be demolished to make way for what we do not really know – an Olympic park or car park or something. We take a magical bus tour around the Olympic park in the Demolish, Dig and Design phase, which, as Iain says in the film, is all statistics and logistics, piles of mud and no photography. Then to a Hells Angels funeral, death on the motorway, martyred and immortalised on Hackney Rd with wreaths of flowers, Satan’s Slaves, RIP in black roses".

Samedi le 20 mars, 18:45, Cinéma 2.
Lundi le 22 mars, 18:45, Cinéma 1.
Mercredi le 24 mars, 11:30, Cinéma 2.

Mardi 23 mars à 18h. Rencontre avec Emily Richardson à l'ENSBA de Paris et projection en sa présence, suivie d’un débat, des films: Memo Mori, (video, 2009, 23’), Block (2005, 12’, 16mm), Cobra Mist (2008, 6’ 45, 16mm anamorphique)